The Covid-19 pandemic has of course caused havoc amongst the UK travel industry, not least in the golf holiday sector.  The safety and wellbeing of customers is every tour operator’s main priority and as a result we have looked closely at government statements, Public Health England (PHE) and of course England Golf the governing body of our sport.

Holiday cancellations/deferrals
The most important Covid-19-related question everyone asks is of course what happens about your holiday whenever and wherever travel is not allowed.

Media coverage has been full of stories about tour operators and travel agents taking unacceptable lengths of time to refund monies paid, or even worse refusing to give refunds at all.

Golf Holidays Cornwall has adopted what we think is a flexible and helpful approach where planned holidays cannot go ahead for Covid-19-related reasons. 

If the holiday needs to be cancelled before making the final balance payment, your deposit will be refunded, or you can transfer the deposit to a future booking with us once travel restrictions have been lifted.  Our only stipulation is that the holiday should be taken by the end of the following year.

If the holiday needs to be cancelled after making the final balance payment and up until the day of travel, your deposit and the balance payment will be refunded in full, or you can transfer the full payment to a future booking with us once travel restrictions have been lifted (within the same timeframe as above).

Wherever possible, we will offer the holiday at the identical price depending of course on the season of the year you actually travel.  If you were going in March, and switch to June then of course the price will increase – and decrease if vice versa of course.

We deferred several holidays from 2020 to 2021 and managed to keep the same prices for all of them,  a stance which was well-received by our customers.

Golf practices
England Golf have published a continuing policy guideline for golf clubs, in practice around the UK.  During the early part of 2021, these include precautions we’ve all become used to such as minimal time spent in clubhouse bars, leaving flagsticks in, not swapping scorecards, not raking bunkers etc.  As we all are aware, as of late summer 2021 the on-course anti-Covid precautions are no longer in place. 

However…..before your holiday goes ahead, we will send you a list of any specific rules or guidelines at the golf courses you are playing.  We will also provide you with a list of the current generic England Golf precautionary steps which we hope you will comply with.

We fervently hope of course that the latest Omicron outbreak is contained in 2022, and that our customers are able to travel freely and enjoy the fantastic golf breaks that Cornwall and Devon have to offer.